1973 Gymnasium beta (grammar school).

1976 Bachelor's degree' (Dutch: kandidaatsexamen) in psychology (cum laude).

1977 Bachelor's degree' in philosophy.

1980 MSc in psychology (cum laude). Major course: clinical psychology. Minor courses: methodology & statistics, psychology of organizations (Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht).

1997 Governmental registration (licence) as psychotherapist (and subsequently as 'gz-psycholoog'/health care psychologist)

1998 PhD thesis, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Dept. of Psychology, Educational Sciences and Sociology (cum laude).

2002-2017 Registration as client centered psychotherapist (membership of VCgT)

2003-2006 Core training "Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy" in Milan with dr Ferruccio Osimo

2013 IEDTA certified teacher and supervisor of EDT

2015-2018 Advanced ISTDP training in Copenhagen with dr Patricia Coughlin