friday 27 may 2011:

Robert Neborsky back in Maastricht

Latest news: Rob Neborsky's extended workshop: Roadmap to the unconscious. May 28 and 29,  Maastricht

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Maastricht, Hotel de l'Empereur, Stationsstraat 2 (straight in front of NS railway station)


Registration and payment: see the registration form (international) / aanmeldingspagina (dutch)

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EDT Maastricht proudly presents:

.... dynamic short-term psychotherapy clarified and explained by a prominent and lucid practitioner of Experiential Dynamic Therapy. We are happy to welcome again Robert Neborsky, M.D.


Synergies and Divergences between Attachment Based ISTDP and Cognitive Behavior Therapy in the treatment of personality disorders and psychoneurotic disorders

A one day audio-visual* seminar on Experiential Dynamic Therapy

*(with fully subtitled video vignettes)

Contrary to common beliefs AB/ISTDP has a significant area of overlap with CBT as well as distinct differences. This seminar will highlight theoretical components of these two evidence based approaches and attempt to show why affective experiencing is crucial to lasting change. On the other hand, the seminar will emphasize the systematic use of confrontation, identification and clarification as essential components of successful ISTDP, beyond the traditional techniques of pressure, challenge, and head-on collision. Dr. Robert J Neborsky will show the treatment of two contrasting cases—one with severe borderline pathology and primitive somatization and the second case of somatization as a regressive defense against a long standing oedipal conflict. Case two is remarkably similar to Freud's famous Dora case in which he developed his theory of hysteria. Both cases will illustrate how cognitive intervention leads to deepened capacity to illicit core emotion and to accelerate the process of psychic healing.


participation fee:  €220


Goals of the workshop:

1.Identifying ego syntonic defenses

2.Using cognitive intervention to make ego syntonic defenses ego dystonic

3 Identifying and undoing projection through cognitive intervention and insight

4.Working in the triangles of conflict and persons

5.Using visualization of action tendencies to enhance working through

6.Resolving severe self pathology through changing the cognitive schema leading to the ability to tolerate complex feelings toward attachment figures



9:30 Registration and coffee

10:00 Lecture 1

11:00 Coffee/Tea

11:15 Part I; The woman who was addicted therapy and to self abuse

12:00 Part II: Undoing dissociation, splitting, and self abuse

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Lecture 2: Structural neurosis as a result of family systems attachment pathology

15:00 Part I: Dora Revisited: Ending the medical magical mystery tour.

16:00 Coffee/Tea

16:15 Part II: Overcoming regressive defenses as a barrier to unconscious process.

17:00 Closing Remarks and Discussion


Robert J. Neborsky, M.D., is a psychiatrist in private practice in Del Mar, California, and a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UCSD School of Medicine as well as UCLA School of Medicine (Hon). He is member of the Board of Directors of the International Experiential Dynamic Therapy Association (IEDTA). He was a founding member on the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy. He is currently guest editor of the Ad Hoc Bulletin of Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy. In 2003, Dr. Neborsky was honored by the UCLA School of Medicine clinical faculty association as the Distinguished Psychiatric Lecturer of the year for 2002 .In 2003 he was one of the founders of the Southern California Society for IS-TDP and was elected as president of the society. In 2008 he was appointed a Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. In 1981, while training with Dr. Habib Davanloo, he co-founded the San Diego Institute for Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy. In 2001, he co-authored Short-Term Therapy for Long Term Change (Norton) and is a contributing author in the 2003 book Healing Trauma (Norton). In 2010 he authored the Collected Writings of Robert J. Neborsky MD. Dr. Neborsky’s professional activities include treating patients, doing core training in the techniques of Attachment-Based variety of Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (IS-TDP) in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and London, England. In 2011 Karnac Press will publish (along with Josette ten Have de Labije) Roadmap to the Unconscious



conference website:

EDT Maastricht is a licensed and certified psychotherapy institute that also favors the practice and study of the various styles of short-term dynamic psychotherapy. Other seminars organized in the series "Proudly presents" were with Ferruccio Osimo (17 march 2006), with Jon Frederickson (4 december 2007), with Robert Neborsky (11 september 2008) and with Patricia Coughlin (5 march 2010).

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