Remarks for

our non-Dutch

speaking clients

Thank you for your efforts to contact EDT Maastricht. Unfortunately we have most of our documentation only available in Dutch, although we can also speak with you in English, German, French or Italian.

You can find an online registration form here. Please complete this form only if you have a medical referral letter and if you want us to invite you for a first session.

You are recommended to have a look at our client brochure (in Dutch) and at the payment conditions (in English).

Especially with respect to the latter, we are used to ask our patients' written consent in the first session. These rules are pretty regular in kind, but we do not want to demand from you any agreement without your prior opportunity to read them at your ease. Please also have a look at our page on video registrations.

A first administrative requirement is the so called Burger Service Nummer (BSN). You may have already obtained one from your municipality, or have met with other formal circumstances in which this was required.


With respect to costs:


If you are an EU/EER resident and enrolled in our country as a regular inhabitant, but not having a Dutch health care insurance, then it is possible to obtain a so called "S1" form (also known as "E106") and then contact one of our Dutch health insurers and have them represent your foreign insurance company within our health cost administration. It's not too complicated and worth the effort.


If you are a European student living only temporarily in our country, without a Dutch health care insurance, you will need a so called European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). The good news is that you, as an EHIC holder, are not liable to payment of the 'own risk' ('eigen risico'), the first few hundred euros of your yearly health care costs in our country, as we Dutch are liable to. For final details on these matters you may contact health insurance company Zilveren Kruis: 033-4456870.


In other situations European residents may need a "S2" form (also known as "E112").


If you have a regular health care insurance with a Dutch insurance company, please take into account that you will be liable to payment of the health care insurance 'own risk' costs ('eigen risico') for each calendar year separately. That is, in case you wish to register with us at the end of a calendar year, be prepared for this payment both at the end of that current year and at the onset of the subsequent year.


Useful links:

S1 form:



Burgerservicenummer (BSN):



With respect to family members:


You may wish to have a look at our message for family members who are concerned about someone who receives therapy with us.




Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.



Arno Goudsmit, PhD, director of EDT Maastricht